• About Us


    Soundeast Music Entertainment ,reform and founded in 2023 , is the company to introduce systematic casting, training, producing, and management systems, and it has been discovering unique content by pinpointing demands for music and cultural trends. Soundeast entered the global marketplace using globalization and localization strategies through culture technology and become a leading entertainment company in Asia.



    With a team of talented composers, producers, and musicians, we are able to create unique and captivating music that is sure to make an impact. Our music is custom-crafted to fit the needs of each individual project, ensuring that it perfectly complements the visuals and enhances the overall experience for the audience.

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    We provide music production,

    music publishing and music disribution services for our artist

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    Artist Management

    We provide the opportunities

    to help your career fly high.

    Engaged in planning, marketing, operations, and public relations, in addition to the basic management of artists

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    From creative directions on social media, TV shows appearance, to the live streaming and world tour